In Sri Mah Meru Dhyana Nilayam, as usual as every year, this year (2014) also we are celebrating Navarathiri Festival from 24-09-2014 to 03-10-2014. All devotees are heartily welcome to rejoice and celebrate with us and get blessings of . there are lots of spiritual poojas, Powerful 10 homas,  10 Beautiful Alangharam uniquely for each day of celebration and cultural events.

During Navarathiri Festival, Daily we are doing 1108 Holy Lotus & Vilva Leaves Archanai at 11:00 am along with Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam.

Upanyas , Musical cultural events, Bhajans and many more will be conducted daily during Navarathiri festival to en-light and rejoice your soul with happiness and peaceful mind and health body.


Navarathiri Festival Schedules are listed below with its timings:



07:00 am      KO Pooja

07:30 am      Vishvaroopa Tharisanam

07:45 am      Sri VidhyaNavaavarana Pooja

10:00 am     Homa (Varies based on shedule as given below)

11:00 am      Archanai of Divine Lotus and Holy Vilvam leaves.

12:00 am      Deeparathanai

01:30 pm      Anadanam



04:00 pm     Vishsesa Alangharam

05:00 m        Devi Mahathmeyam Parayanam

05:30 pm      Cultural Event

07:30 pm      Deeparathanai

08:00 pm      Anadanam


Homas and Alangharam schedules during Navarathiri Festival:


24-09-2014 (Wednesday) Shanthi Durga Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Durga Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


25-09-2014 (Thursday) Vana Durga Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Sagambari Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


26-09-2014 (Friday) Jaya Durga Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Meenakshi Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


27-09-2014 (Saturday) Santhaana Lakshmi Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Kamakshi Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


28-09-2014 (Sunday) Sowbhakya Lakshmi Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Mahalakshmi Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


29-09-2014 (Monday) Aishwarya Lakshmi Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Anapoora Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


30-09-2014 (Tuesday) Vaakdevi Nithyadevi Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Parvathy Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


01-10-2014 (Wednesday) Nava Durga Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Gajalakshmi Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


02-10-2014 (Thursday) Mhethasuktha  Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with Saraswathi Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


03-10-2014 (Friday) Sandi Homa (Morning 10:00 am)

with MaghishasuraMarththani Alangharam ( Evening 04:00 pm)


Details for Donations:

  1. 1108 Lotus flowers, Vilvam and Tulasi     –   Cost INR. 4,000/-

2. Special Homa             –   Cost INR. 1,500/-




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