On seeing the great desire and demand of the devotees to procure and worship Sri Chakra Maha Meru from Sri Navasakthi Nilayam, it struck to Swamiji Murugabhushanam an inner desire or urge to build an exclusive place of worship for Sri Chakra Maha Meru along with 16 Nithya Devies Sri Vaarahi, and Sri Rajamathangi, Swamiji was able to achieve this great Herculian task of building the temple at Sri Nagaram with the help of a few good natured, Philanthropic minded industrialists, on 1st July 1993..

Sri Mah Meru Dhyana Nilayam has got the unique privilege of having deities in the three forms of worship. i.e. Rupa, Arupa and Rupa Arupa.

Our motto:

Lokas Samasthas Sukino Bhavanthu.

Sri Maha Meru and other Devies are represented in the Rupa arupa from, Lord Ganesa, Sri Datatreya,   Siva   and  Nandhidesvara are in Rupa and the medtation hall represents the Arupa form of worship. Deepa Arathana by Camphor isisretiricted in this temple   and only ghee lamp is ussed instead. Special worship is being done every day to the paricular Nithya  Devi, according to thw Daily Thithi.

Lot of visitors all over india as well   from   foreign  countries occasionally  visit  Maha  Meru Dhyana Nilayam and to facilitate them, Rest house facilitates are also made available now at the Nilayam Complex against nominal charges.

Lions Club of Teynampet to  which our past  Managing Trustee  Ln.   Hariraum   belonged   had conducted   many   Medical  programes  and  Camps  at  the Nilayam  premises  & thousands of people from near by villages got benefited by this  Medical  Service  which was entirely free of charges. Sri Maha meru  Trust  welcomes such  humanitarian proposals in future also from non-profit social bodies like the Lion & Rotary clubs etc.,  and the Trust will go all the way to provide accommodation, food & other facilities which out any charges.

Sri Maha Meru Dhyana Nilayam, as well as tha Lakshmi Jewellery and Navasakthi Nilayam were all the fruits of the Founder Swamiji Murugabhushanam whose tireless and dedicated hard work and made them stand unique to this day. Srividya  Ratchamani llaya Swamigal Hariraum, the illustrious son of the Founder Swamiji,  has  also done yeomen service to improve these Institutions to augment and stay at the pinnacle.

Smt. Varalakshmi Hariraum as President  and Managing  Trustee , is now running these sacred concerns, following the Footsteps of her Great Predecessors.